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25 & 26 October 2023

Join 20.000 fellow Nuxt & Vue Developers to learn everything Nuxt.js has to offer in 2022! Get a chance to speak and interact with Nuxt experts and contributors during live Q&A sessions!
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Our Speakers and Presenters From Last Year

Picture of Sébastien Chopin
Sébastien Chopin
Creator of Nuxt.js
Picture of Pooya Parsa
Pooya Parsa
Head of Nuxt Framework
Picture of Daniel Roe
Daniel Roe
Head of Nuxt Framework
Picture of Michael Thiessen
Michael Thiessen
Mastering Nuxt 3 Instructor
Vue.js Educator
Picture of Evan You
Evan You
Creator of Vue.js
Picture of Anthony Fu
Anthony Fu
Vue.js, Nuxt.js and Vite.js Core team member
Creator of Vitest
Picture of Cecelia Martinez
Cecelia Martinez
Developer Advocate at Ionic Framework
Picture of Lucie Haberer
Lucie Haberer
Nuxt Ambassador
Developer Experience Engineer at Prismic
Picture of Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly
Lead Vue School Instructor
Vue.js Forge Master of Code
Picture of Matias Capeletto
Matias Capeletto
Vite.js Core Team member
Picture of Joran Quinten
Joran Quinten
Senior Frontend Developer at Jumbo
Picture of Cody Bontecou
Cody Bontecou
Senior Fullstack Engineer at DEPT®
Picture of Eduardo San Martin Morote
Eduardo San Martin Morote
Vue.js Core Team member
Creator of Pinia and Vue Router
Picture of Kevin Deng (三咲智子)
Kevin Deng (三咲智子)
Vue.js, VueUse, and Element Plus team member
Picture of Jakub Andrzejewski
Jakub Andrzejewski
Senior Developer & Dev Advocate VueStorefront
Nuxt, Storyblok & Algolia ambassador
Google Dev Expert in Web Performance
Picture of Harlan Wilton
Harlan Wilton
Open Source Developer
Picture of Alba Silvente
Alba Silvente
Nuxt Ambassador
Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok
Picture of Paul Melero
Paul Melero
Frontend Developer at BackMarket
Vue Dose Advocate
Picture of Alvaro Saburido
Alvaro Saburido
Developer Advocate Storyblok
Picture of Yaël Guilloux
Yaël Guilloux
Lead Frontend Developer at NuxtLabs
Picture of Josh Deltener
Josh Deltener
Lead Mastering Nuxt Instructor
Web Performance Expert
Nuxt Ambassador
Picture of Debbie O’Brien
Debbie O’Brien
Head Developer Advocate at bitdev
Head Developer Advocate at bitdev
Advocate at Nuxt.js
Picture of Ben Hong
Ben Hong
Nuxt Ambassador
Vue Core Team Member
Staff Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify
Picture of Krutie Patel
Krutie Patel
Nuxt Ambassador
Senior Frontend Consultant
Picture of Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski
Co-founder & CDXO VueStorefront
Picture of Amir Rustamzadeh
Amir Rustamzadeh
Director of Developer Experience at Cypress
Software Developer
Picture of Ishan Anand
Ishan Anand
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Layer0
Co-host at Javascript Jam
Picture of Konstantin Bifert
Konstantin Bifert
Nuxt.js Ambassador
Frontend Developer
Picture of Miguel Calles
Miguel Calles
Principal Security and Solutions Engineer
Published Author

Speakers to Be Announced

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