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The Largest Nuxt Conference

16 & 17 November 2022

Join 20.000 fellow Nuxt & Vue Developers to learn everything Nuxt.js has to offer in 2022! Get a chance to speak and interact with Nuxt experts and contributors during live Q&A sessions!
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Meet Our Speakers and Presenters

Nuxt.js creators and community experts are joining forces in Nuxt Nation.
Picture of Sébastien Chopin
Sébastien Chopin
Creator of Nuxt
Picture of Pooya Parsa
Pooya Parsa
Creator of Nitro and UnJS and Co-Creator of Nuxt3
Picture of Daniel Roe
Daniel Roe
Head of Nuxt Framework
Picture of Michael Thiessen
Michael Thiessen
Mastering Nuxt 3 Instructor
Vue.js Educator
Picture of Evan You
Evan You
Creator of Vue.js and Vite
Picture of Anthony Fu
Anthony Fu
Vue.js, Nuxt and Vite Core team member
Creator of Vitest
Picture of Cecelia Martinez
Cecelia Martinez
Developer Advocate at Ionic Framework
Picture of Lucie Haberer
Lucie Haberer
Nuxt Core Team
Developer Experience Engineer at Prismic
Picture of Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly
Lead Vue School Instructor
Vue.js Forge Master of Code
Picture of Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski
Co-founder & CDXO Alokai
Picture of Matias Capeletto
Matias Capeletto
Vite.js Core Team member
Open Source at StackBlitz
Picture of Joran Quinten
Joran Quinten
Design System Tech Lead at Jumbo
Picture of Cody Bontecou
Cody Bontecou
Senior Fullstack Engineer at DEPT®
Picture of Eduardo San Martin Morote
Eduardo San Martin Morote
Creator of Pinia and Vue Router
Mastering Pinia instructor
Picture of Kevin Deng (三咲智子)
Kevin Deng (三咲智子)
Vue.js, VueUse, and Element Plus team member
Picture of Jakub Andrzejewski
Jakub Andrzejewski
Senior Dev & Advocate at Alokai
Nuxt, Storyblok & Algolia ambassador
Google Dev Expert in Web Performance
Picture of Harlan Wilton
Harlan Wilton
Open Source Developer
Picture of Alba Silvente
Alba Silvente
Nuxt Ambassador
Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok
Picture of Paul Melero
Paul Melero
Frontend Developer at BackMarket
Vue Dose Advocate
Picture of Alvaro Saburido
Alvaro Saburido
Developer Relations at Storyblok
Author of TresJS
Picture of Alexander Lichter
Alexander Lichter
Founder of Developmint
Nuxt Core Team
Picture of Yaël Guilloux
Yaël Guilloux
Lead Frontend Developer at NuxtLabs

Master of Ceremony

Picture of Jenn Junod
Jenn Junod
Master of Ceremony
Developer Advocate at Aiven


Our two days, single track lineup will feature live and interactive talks from the Nuxt creator, Nuxt industry leaders, contributors, and experts.
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intro02:00 PM
Jenn Junod
MC intro
02:10 PM
Sébastien Chopin
Nuxt 3 Keynote
Discover what the Nuxt and NuxtLabs team have been working on the last two years to make Nuxt 3 a reality.
02:35 PM
Michael Thiessen
Error Handling in Nuxt
Recovering gracefully from errors is important in any production app. Learn how to add client-side and server-side error handling, recover from errors, and sleep better at night knowing your app is rock-solid.
break03:00 PM
Coffee Break
03:10 PM
Kevin Deng (三咲智子)
Introduction to Vue Macros
Explore and extend more macros and syntax sugar to Vue.js!
03:20 PM
Paul Melero
Creating custom DevTools for your app
Testing your app in development or in a pre-prod environment is not always straightforward depending on your infrastructure and teams structure. So, in order to improve the developer experience of your team, and leverage debugging and testing capabilities for different stakeholders, you can include custom "devtools" in your app.
break03:35 PM
Coffee Break
03:45 PM
Filip Rakowski
How Nuxt 3 is allowing us to build faster applications?
Nuxt.js team will soon release a fully-featured, production-ready, third major version of the framework. You probably saw many videos and articles highlighting some of the amazing new features taking the developer experience to the next level. There is one more reason to be excited about Nuxt 3 - it’s much faster!
panel04:15 PM
Lucie Haberer
Eduardo San Martin Morote
Alexander Lichter
Jakub Andrzejewski
Nuxt Insiders LIVE Panel
One of the strengths of Nuxt is that it is an open source, community project. Many people contribute to Nuxt, whether that is to the framework itself or to articles, tutorials and other libraries. Join this LIVE panel to learn more about the work of Nuxt Insiders!
break05:00 PM
Coffee Break
05:10 PM
Daniel Kelly
Leveling Up Nuxt: Nuxt 2 -> Nuxt 3
Are you familiar with Nuxt 2 but haven’t had the time to really dig into all the new features of Nuxt 3 yet? Well now’s the time! In this talk I’ll give you an overview the most exciting new features including lightning fast development with Vite, out of this world TypeScript Support, Server API routes, incremental static generation, and more! Plus, we’ll also take a high level look at what’s involved with migrating from Nuxt 2 to Nuxt 3.
05:35 PM
Alexander Lichter
Multi-variant apps with Nuxt 3
In this talk, you will see how to extend your Nuxt application based on another project, be it your own "base template" or a totally different GitHub repository. Thanks to Nuxt 3's `extends` key, multi-variant apps can be created just with a bit of configuration. Together we will have a look at the built-in solution, why it is way more powerful than "just adding a component library" and how to apply it to your projects!
06:00 PM
Cecelia Martinez
Build & Deploy Mobile Apps with Nuxt Ionic
Do you love building with Nuxt but need a native mobile experience? Nuxt Ionic is an out-of-the-box integration that lets you build Nuxt applications with a native look and feel leveraging Ionic components, composables, and icons. Nuxt Ionic automatically imports what you need from the Ionic framework mobile UI toolkit, as well as Capacitor, which provides native mobile device functionality and builds for iOS and Android. This talk will cover the features and use cases of Nuxt Ionic, how to get started, and even deploying your mobile app to users with Ionic's Appflow platform.
outro06:25 PM
Jenn Junod
MC outro
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